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world-changers and day-makers

I am a brand designer for businesses who are change-makers at heart

To share a message further and make a deeper impact, a business must grow and evolve. There's got a lot of minds to educate and a lot of hearts to change. I believe creating positive and lifelong change in people's lives by educating and empowering them to make new choices.

Brand design for thoughtful businesses

I work with businesses one-on-one to develop a brand design inspired by vision and values. We create cohesive experiences for clients so businesses make more impact and messages resonate more deeply.


Let’s make ideas a reality

Take a message to more people, create more meaningful offers, and build better experiences through brand design.

inspired by values

A brand and designs can be infused with values and principals. We want launches, offers and ideas to resonate with the right people at the perfect time.


design for what's next

Our designs move businesses closer to their vision of success. We create momentum by designing for the business their dream of so they have room to evolve and grow.


create better experiences

We create experiences that clients will love and share by applying the brand aesthetic cohesively throughout the business.

how we design
A brand experience

A brand is the way people experience and perceive a business—this is as unique to each business as the vision, values and clients. Consider the ways people interact with a business. We create a cohesive brand experience by extending the brand aesthetic to these places.

Brand identity design
Logo Design
Website Design
Social media design
packaging design
Print collateral Design
Marketing Design
Template Design
eBook Design
signage and wayfinding design

Melbourne-based Brand and Graphic Designer Renée Carmody

Meet Renée Carmody

I'm Renée Carmody, and I work one-on-one with founders of thoughtful businesses to design custom brand experiences inspired by their vision and values.

We can develop a logo and brand aesthetic, design a system that can be executed by anyone, and apply it cohesively to the places people interact with the business.

Renée’s approach reassured me that I could bring my enthusiasm and expertise across without feeling that I would be pushing my services onto people. The result of her branding work is sincere and engaging.
— Natalie Hendry, Educator and consultant

Creative process

Our time together follows this creative process, which allows you to make the most of my decade of design experience. It also allows me to learn about the vision and values that will guide your design.

01 We connect and resonate

The creative process starts when your first email lands in my inbox. You are excited by the possibilities and opportunities a new brand could bring you. I am creatively inspired by the work you do and your big ideas. We get to know what your business needs next, you make your first payment, and we schedule in your project start date.



We have an in-depth Strategy Session where we dive deep into your business, brand and clients. We define what the brand message of your business is all about. We agree on a creative direction and strategy that will move your business closer to your vision.



I go to work creating for your business. I design a brand aesthetic exclusively for you, including the logo, colours, typography and imagery that make up the visual language of your business. You give your feedback, then we make any changes required to perfect the design together.



We now apply your brand aesthetic to the places people interact with your business. We want people to enjoy a seamless experience as they move through your business. We create a cohesive look through your social media feeds, email marketing and packaging. 


05 Launching your new brand

Once we finalise your design, it's time to launch your new brand! You proudly reveal the refined aesthetic of your logo and brand design, and share your wonderful new brand experience. 


Let's dive in

I can't wait to get to know you, your business and your brand, and learn if we'd make the perfect fit. The best projects unfold when we are both creatively inspired by each others' work, so let's get started!

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